Our mission is to provide a leadership voice to address the Baton Rouge Area’s transportation crisis, identifying solutions and advocating for their prioritization and funding.

We seek to support the Baton Rouge area's economic growth and productivity through effective movement of employees, customers, and products throughout the region by:


Advocate for and advance regional transportation solutions and best practices identified by GBRIA’s working group, BRAC’s transportation initiatives, and CPEX's sound planning principles

  • Short-term projects to relieve urgent congestion issues
  • Medium-term projects to address ongoing traffic concerns
  • Long-term projects to ensure future transportation infrastructure sustainability

Support the work of the MPO to develop high-quality planning and prioritization standards that lead to improved outcomes

Advocate for implementation of data-driven transportation decision-making processes at every level

Research and advocate for increased funding sources from the state level

Identify and advocate for major transportation projects for the region

Analyze regional transportation plans and major project proposals to identify infrastructure developments with the greatest cost-benefit ratio for congestion relief and economic development