The Capital Region Mobility Strategy is the latest CRISIS initiative. As a follow up to its February 2015 Regional Projects Analysis, the mobility strategy emphasizes many of the organization’s priorities: 

  • Work cooperatively toward the creation of a comprehensive regional mobility plan 

  • Push accelerated action to improve the “I-10 bottleneck” 

  • Deliver an additional major alternative route through the region 

  • Support multimodal strategies that give citizens greater transportation options 

  • Develop comprehensive, fiscally responsible funding strategy to implement the regional plan

CRISIS developed the Capital Region Mobility Strategy (CRMS) in response to growing concerns about traffic in the Baton Rouge region. The CRMS aligns short- and long-term transportation strategies with broader regional goals and initiatives, such as mobility, resilience, and economic vitality. The CRMS takes a holistic approach to addressing traffic problems by identifying a range of strategies within a broader framework regional policies, programs and ideas outside of the federally mandated plan and require multiple partnerships to advance. The CRMS Dashboard details the progress made on the 2017 CRMS plan within the last two years.

Click here to download the Capital Region Mobility Strategy